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If you’re not a school or a business and you like our mission, please feel free to donate anything your comfortable with.

The World Bank estimates the cost of damage in Ukraine to be over £100 Billion already.  Schools have been destroyed throughout the East of Ukraine.  Our focus is on the rebuilding of communities, specifically fundraising for schools to ensure that children can be educated.

We are pairing initially with Irpin Secondary School 17 in Ukraine.  Maryna Yakubovska, the first employee of is living in Lincolnshire, UK with her children Nazar (14) and Demian (10). They are both attending UK schools. They left Irpin on the 23rd March, the day the war started.  They are desperate to return home to rebuild their schools and public spaces.

Irpin is a typical City of 125,000 people, just 15 minutes north of Kyiv. 70% of the city has been either destroyed or damaged due to the war.  The schools have also been badly damaged and need either expensive repair or rebuilding.

How the money will be used...

The monies raised from the sale of unwanted mobiles will be used to help rebuild and refurbish schools badly damaged from the war in Irpin.

The images below illustrate significant damage to:

  • Irpin Secondary School Number 17, Irpin City Council of Kyiv Region. This school educates more than 2,000 students and is attended by children aged 6 to 17 (grades 1-11). There are a total of 66 classes in the institution.
  • Irpin lyceum School Number 3 . Severinovskaya Street,129a, Irpin

This is the Yakubovska’s street.  This level of destruction is typical across Irpin.

“I visited Irpin today. The town centre is a horror story of destruction by Russia. Homes, schools, kindergartens, clinics and shopping centres destroyed. I met residents still living in pitch dark cold basement shelters,” 

Melinda Simmons, UK Ambassador, Ukraine, May 9th 2022

Law enforcement officers inspected 17,535 facilities in Irpin. There were 885 buildings destroyed completely, 2,738 destroyed partially and 8,651 damaged. Many of these buildings are schools and kindergartens. Without safe rebuilt schools’ Ukrainian families cannot return home and reunite with their fathers and communities.