Sign up using the form below and let us know that you are starting a recycling programme. 

Please download support marketing materials here

  •  Establish a collection point on Reception or in the Office with an individual and promote the campaign within your organisation. Posters to support
  • Additional information available through Facebook, Instagram and You Tube to help promote your campaign
  • Set a timescale or theme for your campaign. Examples to include:

Yellow and Blue day (donate an unwanted device)

Non-uniform day (donate an unwanted device)

Grow the largest sunflower (sunflowers for devices)

 One day mobile amnesty

Geography/History day

  •  Once your campaign has finished and you have collected all your mobiles email us on to arrange a collection or alternatively forward a well packed and secure box to Agents House, Main Street, Denton, NG32 1JW
  •  Be sure to place details of your school or organisation in the box so that we can acknowledge your contribution and let you know how we are doing 

– If you’re having trouble filling out the form below please email us at


Register your School or Business Today!

  • Have you registered your school or business on the webiste?
  • Have you spoken to your school principal or business leader about the activity?
  • Have you set up your mobile collection box in the classroom or office?
  • Have you set a target on how many mobile phones you would like to collect?
  • Have you talked about Ukraine and recycling at your school assembly or business?
  • Have you let the community know that you are running a fundraising event?
  • Have you made posters to let people know what, where and how they can recycle?
  • Have you written an article for your school newsletter, social media or local paper?
  • Have you talked about Ukraine, motivated students and colleagues to recycle?

It could be a sustained campaign over a couple of weeks or it could be a one off-day.  For example, a one off non-uniform day or a Ukraine day, wearing only yellow and blue.  Instead of asking people for £1/£2 ask  for an unwanted mobile phone instead.   

The average sales values of each mobile is £4 so 100 phones is a big contribution, £400!!